The Men and Boy’s Initiative is a non-profit organisation, created to strive for the equality and representation of men and boys worldwide.

Based in Northern Ireland, we have worked diligently within local politics and spoken with individuals and groups at the highest levels to highlight and spread awareness of issues that affect males of all ages.

We have directly fought for Family Law reform, recognition of male victims of Intimate Partner Violence, Male Victim representation in nationwide policing campaigns, suicide, homelessness and much more.

Every day we deal with many clients seeking advice and direction, in a society where services for men are often limited or none existent. In this climate of uncertainty we provide clear and precise guidance, and through our first hand experience helping men in need we tackle issues head on direct at the source, and continuously lobby for better provisions for men seeking assistance.

To date we have been represented in Stormont and the House of Commons in Westminster, where we gave evidence in relation to the UK’s Tax Credit complications and helped many single parent families escape financial difficulty by working on their cases personally and having their benefits rightfully reinstated. While we stand as an organisation seeking equality for males, we exist as a gender neutral organisation and provide the exact same help and care to everyone regardless of gender – As such the majority of Tax Credit cases we dealt with were involving single mothers, all of which received our full care and attention and had their benefit decisions overturned.

If you are or know someone who is in need of assistance and you’re not sure how or if the law is there to protect you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.